Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

01-15-14 Article

Caption: Stacy Wyant, Bruce Westerdahl and Dick Smith, our "Three Kings"

BPUMC article for 01-15-14 - By Joyce Wiedrich

Happy New Year on this chilly but sun-filled day from Bluff Point United Methodist Church.  I join you as the new columnist for this weekly column.  My name is Joyce Wiedrich.  I live in Rochester and am a faithful participant and member at Bluff Point UMC, having come here first as a little one in Sunday School with my brother, when we were at our lake home.  This is my church and church family; the drive is time for reflection!

I prayed about this, after I was asked to do the column, and realized how much people missed its presence, after the untimely death of our faithful servant, Kathy Burdick.  Her sudden passage has left such a void in our church and personal lives.  I only hope I can fill a part of her big shoes!

This past Sunday, January 5th, was Epiphany Sunday.  Epiphany will take us into our Lenten Season!  We felt the presence of the Magi- legendarily named Balthaser, Melchoir, and Gaspar, as they brought frankincense, myrrh, and gold to the Baby Jesus.  Pastor Judy brought this message to the children in terms of the gifts from the wise men, and helped us reflect on our own journey in our Christian lives for the new year in her contemplative sermon.

This Sunday's service ended with our three kings (Stacey Wyant, Dick Smith, and Bruce Westerdahl) leading us in singing "We Three Kings".  As we start this new year 2014 we each will have our own Epiphany.  Let us reflect with greater understanding and knowledge of how we can change our personal views, help aid social conditions, and influence others to walk the path of Christ.  We can discover our own gifts, in being alive and sharing the joy of each day with others.

What will be our gifts for the year?  Bluff Point UMC supports nearly a dozen missions our church life, giving us infinite possibilities for service.  Will we spend our time and talents volunteering in nursing homes to brighten the day of an elder, in helping at The Living Well in ministry to provide support and security to those with immediate needs and limited resources, or in a multitude of other volunteer opportunities?  Will we take more time for prayer and Bible study?  Will we choose to "pay it forward" with a kind deed?  Will we work more at forgiving someone we feel has done us wrong?  The opportunities are endless!  Choosing to bring your talents and gifts of your personhood  to others warms the soul and brings you inner joy and peace.  Think about it as we start Epiphany, and reflect on the gifts Christ brings to us on a daily basis.

Church blessings to all who are ill, struggling, or need God's peace.  We miss our "snowbirds" and look forward to their safe return.