Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Desires - 2013


Desires by Blanche Fingar - 2013

In any incident in life it is wonderful to discover
That God’s loving arms are the best medicine to recover

If we depart from this life or if we stay
I believe God will be right there with us either way

Our desires in life are not always God’s will
It is hard to accept what we can’t change yet he loves us still

Our plans are not sometimes what God has planned for us
It is hard to lose so called control and in God put our trust

He will walk with us through our deep valleys when we don’t acknowledge he is there
He will give us comfort when we realize alone the pain we can’t bear

God is willing to let us strike out on our own and make a total mess
That is his way of putting our faith to the test

Like a good parent he is waiting for us to ask for his advice
Because of his love for us he has already paid the ultimate sacrifice