Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

01-29-14 Article

Caption:  Matthew McFetridge, grandson of Bill and Delores Sutherland, reading the Lord's Prayer in Mandarin.  He has been doing schooling and work in Beijing, China and was home visiting family

BPUMC Article for 01/29/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Good day from Bluff Point UMC!  I just returned from an enlightening and exciting service;  Pastor Judy's sermon topic today was about sharing the light of Jesus with others.  And just now, on my cell phone, I got  a prayer request from Jessica Kennada.  Below her text:  "Be bold and shine on".

I have been discussing some of the ministries the Bluff Point UMC is involved with in community and other outreach endeavors.  One of the broadest local shared projects we participate in is one which came from a dream and vision from Sandi Perl, pastor of the Milo Center and Branchport United Methodist Churches.  Some of you may be aware that the local Red Cross branch recently changed their local focus.  Many programs were eliminated from their missions in many small communities, including Penn Yan, (although the programs of  blood donations/emergency relief from disasters and fires are intact).  Sandi envisioned the multiple Yates County Methodist Churches, along with others who wish to join the force, coming together to help people with immediate needs, and access to numerous referral services.  The mission of The Living Well is help with  emergency needs, dry goods, support and counseling.  The Well also provides community and individual  support with Sunday evening worship services and Bible study.   Terry Finger from BPUMC has stepped into the position of the volunteer coordinator.  Many of us have signed up for frequent volunteer time slots at the Well, at the old Red Cross site on Elm Street. The joy we have received from the hugs and smiles from gracious recipients has been overwhelming; many of us feel we have gotten back much more into our hearts than we have given.  Talk about having your batteries recharged!  This is certainly a personal opportunity which keeps that light burning.  An additional benefit has been to work with others from various church affiliations, who have become fast friends as we learn and further develop this project.  Jesus certainly can see the excitement in Penn Yan, as we let everyone know how much Jesus loves us and those we serve, much as Jesus came to Andrew and asked him to follow him.

Pastor Judy uses the scripture of John 1:29-42 to show John was at the Jordan after the baptism of Jesus, with two of his disciples.  John said "Look, the Lamb of God"; the men followed him.  Jesus saw them following him and asked the men what they were looking for; this could be interpreted in essence as him wondering what moves their life spirit.  In our journey we are prompted to look at what we are looking for and what we need in the core of our inner being to reach our destination.  Shine on, warriors, and follow the light of Jesus as we serve others and grow together in learning and sharing his ways.

We were blessed today by Matthew McFetridge, who has been studying and working in China, reading the Lord's Prayer in mandarin.  Thank you Matthew for sharing your talents with us!

You are all welcome to worship with us, with our church family, where love and sharing abide.