Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

02-19-14 Article

Stacy and Chris Wyant serve February treats at coffee hour.  We have coffee, conversation and goodies after church every Sunday, but the second Sunday of the month is birthday Sunday, honoring all who have birthdays that month.

BPUMC Article for 02/19/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich

I am reminded that we need to be more aware of the light in our lives, than the darkness around us.  It is always heartening as spring approaches, as the days get longer, and the long winter days slowly fade away.  It is easy to allow ourselves to get into a funk on these winter days, forgetting the rebirth of spring will arrive, although with the sub-zero temperatures this year we may doubt that winter will ever loose its tight grip on us! 

No matter what the weather or season, Jesus lives in and with us, to shine for others.  Pastor Judy used the text of Matthew 5: 13-23 to show the children, and later us, that we are the light of the world.  Comparisons of her lit candle were made to the glow of the Olympic torch, as we watch the nations of the world seemingly forget political differences and show the world some of the best of earthly sportsmanship.

This scripture prompts us to be joyous and shine on.  We need to be generous with ourselves as a personal gift to those we interact with, by word and deed.  I also think of a quote by Tony A. Gaskins, Jr.  "Today be the CEO of your own happiness, not the janitor of someone else's misery".  We can not give to others if we do not show the glow of Jesus's bright light in our lives, owing its presence to the One above and beyond all others.

One of the ways our church gives hope and joy is in supporting the World Vision Mission.  We collect $70.00 a month for Sharon and Zyuka, two young people in Africa, who depend on our caring and support for their basic needs.

Come and join us for Sunday worship!  We are a welcoming congregation, and partner together in supporting many local and further-reaching projects, sharing our talents to bring Christ's love to others.  We also have an active website you can visit to see what the Bluff Point UMC is all about on our website.