Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

02-26-14 Article

Harper Perry and Dameyon Miller-Cotton collect pennies for the backpack program
John and Laurie Prinzivalli worked diligently to help make our community Valentine's dinner a success

BPUMC Article for 02/26/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We are nearly at the end of February, wondering if winter will ever end the steady grip on us.  Our beautiful lake's surface is a solid sheet of ice, to the glee of ice boaters and fishermen. Most of us, however, are longing for the first blooms of early spring, and the return of our snowbirds.

On Sunday, Pastor Judy passed out mite boxes to each in the congregation to be filled by August, for benefit of the Living Well.  It has indeed been a bitter, blustery winter in these parts, and the Living Well has depended on out combined volunteer efforts, prayers, and financial support to help meet some basic needs of some families especially struggling through these long winter months.  What is a mite?, one might ask.  A mite is a very small denomination copper coin.  The story of the Widow's mite is portrayed in scripture in passages of Mark 12: 42-44, and Luke 22: 1-4.  In these passages, Jesus was sitting across from the collection box at Temple as worshipers dropped money into the box.  Many gave large coins and formidable amounts of money that particular day.  Jesus saw a poor widow who put in only two small coins.  He then called to his disciples, telling them that the poor widow gave more than all the others put together, as she gave to God what she really couldn't afford, she gave her all.

In our Christian life there are so many ways in which we can share Jesus with the world.  With joy and excitement we can grow in intimacy with Christ, and open our eyes and hearts to share our talents and the gospel as we give of ourselves.  This can be with something as simple as sharing our love by a smile, hug, or a prayer.

Easter is coming!  Watch for times and dates to follow for Lenten activities, which begin soon.  Our church Shrove Tuesday pancake supper is March 4th and Ash Wednesday evening service is March 5th.  Pastor Judy is planning another bus trip this summer; July 31st- August 2nd.  This will be to Cambridge Ohio, to see the Passion Play, with other activities and sights planned along the way.  Mark your calendars, and stay posted for further updates.  Our church's bus trips are always a fun time of sharing.