Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

03-05-14 Article

Jane Sayler and Ron Sayler had refreshments this week.  Jane did an array of tasty baking to tempt us!   They both do so much in the life of our church.

BPUMC Article for 03/05/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Our Christian foundation is built on the love of Jesus.  All around us we can open our eyes to see this.  For example, after church on this past Sunday, I was in a hospital elevator going to see a patient when a service worker shook my hand and told me to have a blessed day; today I was at an appointment with my accountant.  We both ended our meeting exclaiming how much Jesus means in our lives.  He had a Bible visible on his desk, and professed starting each day by reading a passage or two.  He gave me a book to read, about a man in the midst of spiritual discontent who goes on a pilgrimage to find the deeper meaning of Christ in his life.  I think we are all placed on earth to have our own similar journey.  It is so heart lifting to me to be out in the community amongst others who know The Lord.  The Light within us makes a difference in every life we touch.  We are here to change the world with all such small acts of thoughtfulness, even to those who do not show love back to us.

Pastor Judy spoke to us on this topic, of loving your enemies.  It does us more harm and causes us to become bitter when we brood about those who are unloving toward us.  In other words, we need to get over it, and live the way that God gives to us.  A cheerful heart and loving way shown to all brings out the best in us, and may change a soul who does not know Jesus.  The end of Pastor Judy's message to us was especially powerful, especially as the Lenten season is soon approaching.  Jesus forgave even those who beat him and nailed them to the cross.  He will give us strength to do the same and to forgive those who may do us wrong.

Remember, Wednesday March 5th is Ash Wednesday.  Our church's Shrove Tuesday pancake supper is March 4th at 5 pm.  Ash Wednesday service is March 5th at 7pm.  Come join us for the start of our Lenten journey service on this Wednesday, as we rediscover the last earthly days of Jesus through the time of his resurrection.  We also welcome all to our Sunday worship services for a time of love and sharing.