Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

04-02-14 Article

Pastor Judy gave each of the children a sneaker on a key chain, to remind them to continue walking on their personal Lenten journey
 Prepare for Easter and listen and go to the water. 
BPUMC Article for 04/02/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We continued our Lenten journey by studying passages from John 4: 5-42 on Sunday, read by Sarah Stackhouse.  Pastor Judy's sermon, "Come to the Water and be Refreshed", was based on these passages.  She showed Jesus as he was passing through Samaria on his way from Judea to Galilee.  He came upon Jacob's well, and asked a Samaritan woman if he might have a drink of water to quench his thirst.  Pastor Judy spoke of this woman whom Jesus did not judge, he looked at her with concern and love, as she got water from the living well, and after her dialogue-then was able to recognize Jesus as the Savior.  Jesus is also waiting for us to come to the well, and to its refreshing water for a new beginning.

Pastor Judy gave the children key chains with bright sneakers attached, so they might remember their journey toward the cross, during these days of Lent as we go towards the time of Christ's death and Resurrection.

Church events: 

Robins have been seen, and our vacationing snowbirds are starting to migrate north.  We await their safe returns!

Laurie Prinzivalli and Terry Fingar recently completed a lay service class, along with members from other Yates County churches.  New lay service graduates will be helping lead regular Sunday evening services at the Living Well in Penn Yan, as part of our community mission work.

Bluff Point UMC Professional Day is April 23, where we will be having dinner together at a local restaurant to celebrate all who aid in all the church projects, services and affairs throughout the year.  Don't forget to sign up and save the date.

Our BPUMC  Easter Service will include a cantata, "Through the Eyes of Peter". We have breathtaking musical talents, and this musical piece will prove to be extraordinary.  In addition to our regular church service, our Easter Sunrise service will be held around 6:00 am in front of Ruth Drumm's home, 4304 Lake Avenue, Keuka Park.   During the service, we often can view a spectacular sunrise over the lake.  Please feel free to join us at either our sunrise service on the lake on Easter Sunday, or our traditional service at church at 9:00AM, or another service of your choice to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!