Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The King is Coming - March 2014

The King Is Coming

Someday the King will be returning through the clouds
The trumpets will be blaring really loud

There will be a host of heavenly angels all around
Every ear will be hearing the glorious sound

Every knee will be bowed
Everyone will be proclaiming God is Lord out loud

God will be fulfilling his promise to take his people home
The lame will walk and all other afflictions will be gone

There will be no more sorrow and tears
There will be such peace and no more fears

Every race will be treated the same
No one will have special treatment because of his or her name

The tramp on the street will have will have the same status as the rich man
There will be no idol with their own special band

But our God is not a God of the dead but a God of the living
So we need to remain faithful to him and be loving and giving

We realize suffering awaits all flesh and we don’t know the road ahead
That is why God wants us to enjoy our days, not to live with dread

Life here on earth is not always an easy road
If we can lean on God he can help lighten our load

The King will return at an appointed time and day
All we can do is live in his presence and pray

The King Is Coming!

Blanche Fingar 2014