Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

04-09-14 Article

 Men's group choir members present the anthem "Beyond the Cross" on this 4th Sunday of Lent.  Awesome!
BPUMC Article for 04/09/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich

The months of the year which have five Sundays in them are always special worship Sundays at Bluff Point United Methodist Church.  On these days the focus of the service is the musicality in our church life.  For a small church, we are blessed with a very talented choir under choir director Aimee Perry, breathtaking soloists, and numerous inspiring instrumentalists.  This past Sunday was no exception.  Aimee Perry presented the number "He should Feed his Flock", a quartet presented "Operator", and our men's group inspired us with "Beyond the Cross". Elly and Jeff Stempien concluded our music-filled service with a special instrumental piece.

Our scripture reading was from John 9: 1-22 and 32-39.  Pastor Judy's sermon was based on these readings, showing Jesus restoring the sight of a man who was blind since birth.  This blind man was sitting by a temple gate on a feast day, begging for his needs.  Jesus saw the man and went to minister to him.  Jesus made a mid pack of spit and dirt on his eyes.  The man was then sent to Siloam to a pool to rinse his eyes.  A miracle occurred, in that the man could see!  The Pharisees used this in building a case against Jesus, saying he had not kept the Sabbath and must not be from God.  Jesus knew what was going to come before him, but put the interests of the blind man before his own needs.   How often do we consider others before self?  Do we judge others circumstance or do we help them, in the ways of Jesus?

Much is coming up in our church life as we come toward the death of Jesus and his resurrection.  A special Palm Sunday service at church on 4/13.  Maundy Thursday Seder meal is at church on 4/17.  Easter Sunrise service is at 6:15 am on the lake in front of Ruth Drumm's home followed by an Easter breakfast preceding our traditional Easter service at church, "Christ Triumphant".  The volunteer appreciation dinner will be at the "Top of the Lake" at 6pm on 4/23.  Cost is $30.  Please sign up as we will need a count.

Continue prayer and Scripture study as we continue on our Lenten journey.  For those needing a church base, you are always welcome to join us.  We are so blessed at BPUMC!