Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

04-23-14 Article

Seeing double?- Kaylee and Zoey visited with their grandparents Chris and Stacy Wyant on Palm Sunday

Children waving their palms for the parade
Terry Fingar made this luscious Easter cake for Fellowship
BPUMC Article for 04/23/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich
We have had an awesome Easter season at BPUMC.  There were many local opportunities to participate in reverent activities during Holy Week.  Pastor Judy asked us to read the book of John if we were unable to attend any of the extra local events and services during the week.  Pastor Judy's sermon was all about giving up our gifts in service to The Lord, as a man gave a donkey and colt to Jesus, so he could ride into the town and be announced as king.  Pastor Judy reflected that you don't know what God will do with your donkey; it may be as easy as a smile, teaching, compassion, or hospitality.

Last call for our Volunteer Appreciation dinner at "Top of the Lake" 4/23 at 6p.  Dessert and appetizer provided by the church.  Cost- $30.00

We will be joining with other Yates County churches and organizations on 5/4 at 1pm for CROP walk.  Still time to sign up to walk, or sponsor someone.  This is a worthy cause.  Money goes to various areas to support hunger programs under church world service.  CROP, or Christian Rural Overseas Program was started after WW2 initially to help hungry neighbors in Europe and Asia after the war.  A share of collected money now stays locally to support our own hunger programs.  There are about 1400 crop walks on this day in the US.

One of our missions is also to support the Adopt-a-highway program.  Our church cleans up the roadside of a 2-mile stretch on 54-A twice a year.  Date forthcoming after the weather warms up!

Happy Spring, and welcome back to several more snowbirds who have continued to trickle north from Florida.