Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Enjoy your Day - April 2014

Not just this special day Lord but everyday
I will take the time to appreciate all you do for me along life’s way

I want to thank you for a team of living angels that surround me
I know your promise of angels to take charge and I need to stay focused to see

I know no matter how I receive your word, it holds the power of change
If I am open to something different even it feels strange

It is easy to ask you God to fix someone else when I don’t agree
Then I stop and think how does someone else perceive me???

I’ve learned that gratitude is an attitude that takes practice to become a habit everyday
In any circumstance there can be a blessing if I approach it the right way

Sometimes it is hard to know my path in this troubled but always blessed world of mine
But if I put my faith where it belongs and trust everything will be fine

I am thankful you are a loving God that accepts me just the way I am
And you are always waiting in the wings to help me out of my next jam

I am thankful for your deep insight right into my heart
It’s such a comfort that you have always watched over me from the very start

May I always try to turn my complaints into praise
As I try to live faithfully out my days

Blanche Fingar 2014