Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

05-14-14 Article

Crop watch participants from 5/4 Yates County Cropwalk: Linda, Emmaleigh, Marissa, Harper, Laurie, Tish, Joyce, Terry, Sherri, Elly, Aimee.  Missing from picture:  Bruce, Nancy, Miley, Ryan, Haley, Sonya, Waneta. 
Spring is coming to BPUMC!
 Our choir sang a beautiful Communion Song
Matthew used Pastor Judy's binoculars to find a beautiful hidden dove
We always enjoy our men's group whooping up a lively tribute
BPUMC Article for 05/14/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Welcome spring and sunshine!  We supported the Yates County Cropwalk with 18 Bluff Point walkers participating in crop walk on a cool sunny day, conducive to the event.  At last count, we raised $2,435 for this worthy cause.  Congratulations to all!

Mothers Day, Sunday May 11 was our day to honor mothers, both those with us in earth and in heaven.  A picture board was created so all could see our wonderful mothers!

Pastor Judy had the children look for a hidden bird with her binoculars, explaining that the dove that they found was the Holy Spirit.  She told the children and us bigger kids how we can see Jesus in several ways, including through prayer, devotion and reading scriptures, and participation in communion.  Jesus is with us always. but so very close as we share and take wine and bread together.

Our scripture was Luke 24: 13-35, pairing with Pastor Judy's reflective sermon on "Walking With Christ", and our Cropwalk!  It is amazing to share the love of Christ with each other, and in the many ways we can serve others whether it be a group activity or in personal reflection.

Weather permitting our road clean up on our 2 mile stretch on 54-a for the "Adopt-a-Highway" program will be on Monday May 19.  Meet at the church at 9a and we will get it done!  Rain date will be 9a May 20.