Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

05-21-14 Article

Flood waters left a cross in the parking lot of the church last week
We celebrated Blanket Sunday.  Pastor Judy shared with the children how important blankets are for warmth and shelter.
The Dibbles and the Fingars have returned from the south!
 Mother's Day Sunday provided an opportunity for us to showcase and honor our mothers
BPUMC Article for 05/21/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich
During the recent flash floods. a cross was formed by God and nature in our church parking lot.  God's promise holds us together even in such difficult situations, where the BPUMC had a tremendous amount of water damage to our kitchen, storage areas, dining area and parking lot.
We recently celebrated Mother's Day Sunday.  We honored our mothers with a collage of photos in tribute to the special woman who helped nurture us along.  It was fun to try and guess who each photo was!   All of the women in the church were given a beautiful pearl bracelet in remembrance of the day.  President Wilson declared Mother's Day on May 18, 1914, initially to honor the mothers of war-dead.  After this, the day has been celebrated on the second Sunday in May, as a tribute to both mothers who are alive or have passed, and also to other woman who have nurtured us in our lives.

The last of our snowbirds have returned!  The Dibbles, the Scott's and the Fingar's have returned from the sunny south.  We know when our Florida-native Blanche Fingar comes back to us that warmer weather truly has returned.  Welcome back, friends!

Pastor Judy used this week's scripture to show us how sheep know the shepherd's voice.  The shepherd often had to use his crook to keep his sheep on track, as Jesus sometimes does with us, as we might not always listen to his voice.  We also celebrated birthday Sunday with a delicious cake and fellowship after church.

It was great to have Josh Wyant in church with us on Sunday, visiting Stacey and Chris, while on military leave. He will be finishing his military commitment in Hawaii.  

We had many other visitors in church this Sunday, visiting Mom's and families on Mothers Day!

All are welcome to join us in worship, 9am Sundays at our friendly country church.