Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Our Children - May 2014

Our Children
We are a dying leaf on a tree
Floating along putting our trust in thee

Our children become us and our future
Holding the delicate threads in life like a suture

That is why we need to work diligently to set a good example
Not to feel as if food clothing and shelter is ample

The good or bad deeds we do will affect each child
If we don’t put forth any effort neither will they after a while

The way we approach others in our communities and beyond
Helps to emerge that child with a special bond

If we try to instill in our children early about God and his grace
It helps them to adjust in life and find a happier place

They know they have a friend and never feel totally alone
Knowing God is with them and hope is never gone

It never works for a parent to say, do as I say not as I do
Because someday our own actions will be looking back at me and you

We all learn from what we hear and see
That is why we get a lot of traits from our family tree

I believe we need to try to set a good example our whole life long
So children will have a happy place and feel secure like they really belong

We all want to feel acceptance and love
And let our main focus be on our father above

Blanche Fingar 2014