Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

05-28-14 Article

Butterflies were made by Clarice Hardy, and given to the children during the kids sermon.  What a symbol of hope!
Roger Scott has been working diligently to clean and revive our church parking lot.  The church and lot sustained damage from the creek behind the church overflowing its banks
Sarah Stackhouse helped with the road clean up for our Adopt-a-Highway stretch, as well as doing some gardening in the church flower beds
Charlie Stackhouse dealt with loads of lumber, sticks and debris propelled out of the creek bed with the recent floods
Ron Salyer worked with Roger, Dana, and Charlie, as well as helping with the road clean up
Helen Schillenger did some baking for hungry workers
Sheri Hunt, Joyce Wiedrich, Michele Covert, Ann Shepardson, Vyncent Miller, Cindy Volmer, Pam Althouse, and our kids- Danielle, Haley and Miley have been part of the team volunteering at the Living Well since this fall.  We now have been called into even greater service and outreach with the clean-up and support after the recent Yates County floods
Blanche Fingar packs cleaning buckets to be given to flood victims

Sherri Hunt always with a gracious smile in her work at the Living Well
Many community members joined our team from Bluff Point at the Living Well for flood recovery support
BPUMC Article for 05/28/14 by Joyce L. Wiedrich
This column needs to focus on our thanks that we were spared injury and death from the horrific flooding in Yates County after our recent freak flash flood.  No one can believe the power of water under force unless they lived through the event or have seen the resultant damage, with buildings, roads, and landscapes forever changed.  The love from volunteers coming together to donate goods and work in the towns and go out to assist the rural folks needing help has been nothing short of amazing.  We all have stories to tell of how we have been touched by the generosity of strangers, meeting new friends along the way.

Our church sustained much water damage from overflow of the nearby creek which powered logs, debris and water- gutting and littering the parking lot and flooding the basement.  Quick work by Phil Pearce, Roger Scott, Dana Schillinger, Charlie Stackhouse, John Patchen, Dick Smith, Bill Sutherland, and many others helped prevent more damage and cleaned up the mess.

On 5/19 we cleaned up our two mile section on 54-a.  Participants included Dick Smith, Ron Salyer, Barbara Bailey, Sarah Stackhouse and Joyce Wiedrich.  Sarah, Chris Wyant, and Nancy Scott also helped with gardening efforts, as Roger Scott brought his tractor and worked with Charlie Stackhouse and Dana Schillinger to further clean out the church parking lot, the  gullies and culverts, and also repair the driveway in preparation for replacing all the gravel and stone washed away.

No one knew, except Jesus Christ,  that when Sandi Perl envisioned the formation of the Living Well that it would serve in this position forefront in disaster and flood relief.  Many from BPUMC have served tirelessly in helping with the great added needs at the Living Well.  Many who have not physically been able to help have donated goods and funds to let us distribute to those in Penn Yan and Branchport, and go out and help in more rural isolated areas.  Special thanks to our volunteer coordinator Terry Fingar.  She has been at the Living Well daily, making sure added shifts are staffed, and working along with others volunteering for our mission.  This included moving the Living Well to dry ground at the memorial building of the Penn Yan Methodist Church, as we were flooded out of our Elm Street location.   BPUMC members helping with community flood relief and other activities at the Living Well have included: Pastor Judy White, Sherri Hunt, Michele Covert, Blanche Fingar, Donna Johnston, Sally Head, Terry Fingar, Joyce Wiedrich, Helen Schillinger, and Sonya Andersen.  Apologies for anyone's name being left out, as there have been many others giving support and stopping by to assist both at our Bluff Point church and with broader community relief.  We are a loving, helping church!

Pastor Judy's sermon showed us that as we go about with our daily plans that God laughs and things change.  How we have been reminded of this as we take our spirit to become Christ to the world.  Pastor Judy was going to put a paper stream leading to the alter as she prepared her sermon prior to the storm, but later thought that we all had seen more than enough water and mud!

Future church events include Pentecost Sunday on June 8.  If anyone wishes to join BPUMC or be baptized on that date please contact Pastor Judy.  College students wishing to apply for the Lee Wiedrich memorial scholarships should apply at this time, as they will be given out later in June.  On May 25 we will have had our annual special Memorial Day service, thanking those who gave their lives and those who served for the freedoms we enjoy today in America.