Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Flood Waters - June 2014

Flood Waters

Disaster crept up on our tiny village of Penn Yan
The flood waters were more powerful than machine or man

The rain came down fast and hard and the streams began to rise
They became fierce and many times their size

They rushed down the hills and into the town
The water destroyed almost everything in it's path and all around

The outlying areas of Branchport,Guyanoga and beyond
Had homes flooded, roads washed out and many areas turned into ponds

Some of the landscape will be forever changed
And the paths of streams were rearranged

The stream in back of our church came over it's banks
And flooded the parking lot and the basement yet we need to give thanks

The church and the new addition stood tall
God was there watching and over seeing it all

God put the idea of The Living Well into place
So the shocked weary people could have a home base

The donations of supplies began to pour in
Everyone pulled together as a neighbor and friend

All of God's people worked together as one
Toiling long hours to get some of the work done

Though the devastation was awful, every single life was spared
That thankfulness was unanimously shared

The love and generosity of the community has warmed the heart
The way everyone has pulled together should make all of us proud to be a part

We will overcome and stand proud and strong
Because this community is a good place to belong

When God made this community he added a special touch
I guess that is why we enjoy living here so much
Blanche Fingar 2014