Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

07-02-14 Article

Lee Wiedrich scholarship recipients with Pastor Judy and Lee's sister Joyce Wiedrich include from left:  JP Prinzivalli, Sandy Wilmott accepting the award for her son Jake, Zakkarey Miller, and Maryanne Miller
BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
This past Sunday was Graduation Sunday at BPUMC.  We had a special blessing of the graduates affiliated with BPUMC, members themselves, or children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren of current members.

Graduates from our church include:  Penn Yan High School- Vyncent Miller
College- Jacob Wilmott- Rochester Institute of Technology

Grandchildren and great-grandchildren of members include:

8th Grade- Angie Rugg

High School- Samantha Covell, Stephanie Maire, Scott McLaughlin, Rachel McQuay, Vyncent Miller, Casey Neilsen, Evelyn Pinneo, Alan Salyer, Andrea Velzen

College- Matthew McFetridge, William McQuay, Debbie Schlerf, Aaron Velzen, Ivy Wilburn, Jacob Wilmott

Lee Wiedrich was a member of BPUMC, and passed away suddenly in 2005.  His sister Joyce set up a scholarship fund that each member in good standing in their undergraduate college or trade school program can receive during their program.  Lee enjoyed church and helping others through kind deeds.  By this scholarship his attributes can live on through accomplishments of others.  This years scholarship recipients each receiving $200 include Maren Andersen, Maryanne Miller, JP Prinzivalli, Zakkarey Miller, and Jake Wilmott.  We wish all of our graduates and current students well as they pursue bright futures!

Pastor Judy reflected today on how Jesus has asked us to pay the price- to help those in need, and to help someone know who Jesus is.  She told the students to follow their dreams, and not to be afraid.  She told the graduates that one does not need to be perfect in discipleship, as a disciple is learning to do things.  One should think of what Jesus would do. 

School is out!  Be aware of children on bikes and playing, and please stay safe as we are all spending more time outside this nice weather.

Remember the two children we are sponsoring in Africa.  Chris Wyant is collecting money that we send for their support.  They do depend on our contributions!