Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Cross - July 2014

The Cross

May we always cling to the old rugged cross
Even when we feel life’s not fair and we are at a loss

We are all sinners saved by grace
So someday we can live in the most heavenly place

Help us to remember to keep our faith especially when things aren’t going our way
And to always walk in God’s light no matter what others might say

Help us by his amazing grace to handle our differences when things seem to go wrong
And help us remember that adversity can make us strong

May God by his elaborate design hold us together physically and spiritually always
And may we sincerely care about others as we enjoy our days

May we always stay focused as we work to stay on course
To work hard toward our goals as God’s laws we try to enforce

Help us to see the changes ahead with anticipation and joy
Maybe as a small child waiting for that one special toy

May all of us be like angels with one wing embracing one another so we can fly
If we labor on someday we can soar through the clouds to our home beyond the sky

Blanche Fingar 2014