Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

08-20-14 Article

Helen Stickney  was one of many wishing Jane Sayler especially happy Birthday wishes on her natal day.  This Sunday we celebrated August birthdays.

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Pastor Judy gave a powerful lesson to the children today, blindfolding Emmaleigh, and leading her around the church, as she showed her to trust in her, as she would trust in Jesus.  Jesus guides us and is with us all the time.  If you are in the dark, ask Jesus to lead you.  Pastor Judy used the passage in Matthew 14:22-33 to show is how Jesus wants us to step out of our boat and walk on the water.  If we fail, Jesus is there to pick us up! 

The choir celebrated their musicality with a picnic at Pastor Judy's home on Sunday.  A bright sunny day, and fun for all!  What a wonderful choir.  They give us such a musical spark every Sunday. 

Our college students soon will be heading back to their classes.  Throughout the year we send packages to them, including snacks, toiletries, and encouragement and cheers from their church friends.  Just a reminder to start collecting items to fill those boxes.  Who wouldn't like to receive a greeting from home when living and studying away from home, church, friends and family?

We also need to contribute toward our two African children whom our church supports.  We may be the hope, and the main financial support for each of them and their families.  We may be the encouragement they need to face each day.  See Chris Wyant, who is collecting monies for this mission.

Don't forget to bring in your filled mite boxes for the Living Well.  Lots of new projects are going on there for volunteer opportunities, and needs for continued financial support.

Happy end of summer as we enjoy our beautiful lakeside and some needed vacation days.  Pray for sunshine!  We seem to have had enough of those recent rainy days.