Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Uplifting - August 2014


When we feel we have hit rock bottom God’s arms are always underneath
Lifting us up all we need to do is stick to our belief

God’s love and compassion is with us everywhere
Even when the pain and disappoint seems more than we can bear

No valley is too deep and dark that God can’t find us there
No prayer is too small or so large that God does not care

Sometimes we can feel like our life is in shambles and we are falling apart
We can call upon God and he can restore calmness in our heart

We need to trust that God’s plans and ways are filled with his goodness always
God knows everything, he is in control, and he has our best interest throughout our days

When we help others with their needs it’s a way of saying thanks to God for our many blessings
When things don’t go our way we learn to live with life’s lessons

We need to ask God to grant us grace to press through heartache to a better place
Then try to pray and think over our discussions at a slower pace

If we could slow down and appreciate what each moment offers us
We could enjoy the small things that we never notice when we rush

God can send the Holy Spirit to speak the words we cannot say
If we ask and we are having a really bad day

If we could see the world through god’s eyes
I bet each of us would have a huge surprise

All we can do is try our very best
And pray someday we will be a heavenly guest

Blanche Fingar 2014