Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, July 22, 2018

09-10-14 Article

How great is it that we have our children participating in our service
The children participated in musical Sunday

Bruce Westerdahl showed a wide vocal range with "Down Deep in the Sea"
Over 100 were in the congregation for musical Sunday
Jackie Aberi's solo of "Christ Alone" was accompanied by Carolyn Rockford on saxophone.
The Bluff Point UMC Men's Group added so much to our Labor Day weekend musical Sunday singing "Gospel Ship" as the congregation added in with foot tapping and hand clapping!
Jeff Stempien leads the BPUMC band

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
We enjoyed an all-music Sunday on August 31.  So much preparation by our musical groups made for an un-forgetful service.  There were over 100 in the congregation, many who also participated in the choirs and BPUMC band.  On months that have five Sundays, the last Sunday is dedicated as "Musical Sunday".

The musical numbers started with the BPUMC Band presenting the call to worship with "Majesty", followed by a duet by Marguerite Miller and Chris Wyant with "Peace like a River".  Carolyn Rockford followed with a saxophone solo "Gigue".  Bruce Westerdahl, dressed in a shirt with sea turtles, showed his musical range in his vocal solo "Down Deep in the Sea".  The BPUMC Band continued with "Freely, Freely".  Carolyn Rochford and Jackie Aberi presented "Christ Alone".  Jackie has a voice of  an angel.  The men's group followed with "Gospel Ship".   After a number by the choir and congregation led by Ron Miller, a rendition of "Down by the Riverside" the choir finished the service with "Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus and Soldiers of the Cross".    The whole service was so inspiring!  There are small clips from the service on our Facebook page, type in Bluff Point Methodist Church.   Those parishioners who were able to attend or participate are still humming the tunes and stamping our feet.  Thank you all for all the work that went into this wonderful hour of musical sharing!

Remember to bring your mittens and scarves for the mitten tree which is now up in the sanctuary.  The mittens are donated locally to "Christmas for the Needy". 

Bible Study begins 10am 9/10 at church.  All are welcome.  The study will begin by studying the Book of Isaiah.  All are welcome to attend.