Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

10-15-14 Article

Joel Warren receives communion from District Superintendent Jeff McDowell and Laurie Prinzivalli on World-Wide Communion Sunday.

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

We celebrated World-Wide Communion Sunday on October 5th.  Pastor Judy used the scripture of Matthew 21: 33-46 to share Christ's words of communion to his disciples as the world was crumbling and Jesus was being handed over to the authorities to be beaten and crucified.  In the scripture passage, wicked tenants mercilessly killed the son of a vineyardist.

The alter was adorned with a globe and various items people had brought from travels or their ancestor countries.  Laurie Princivalli had several items that her family brought over from Switzerland.  Her grandmother Freida's family came over on the sister ship to the Titanic.  Pastor Judy brought items from Ireland.  Dana Schillinger had items from a trip for Keuka College to China, as well as items from his various travels in service.  We blessed the people in all the countries in this special time of sharing.

The children bring their pennies every week to support our local backpack program.  Sarah Stackhouse reported that in the past four years they have collected over $800.00 to benefit the children of Yates County who might otherwise go without wholesome weekend meals.

We passed around three prayer shawls to be distributed to individuals who are having health and other issues.  We pray as a group, and individually on each of these shawls as they are individually passed through the pews.  These shawls mark 240 prayer shawls we have distributed not only locally, but to persons in other communities and states, and as far away as Japan. 

Remember that our Harvest Supper is Saturday November 1.  Serving starts at 4pm.  Children under 5 years are free, kids 5-11 are $5.00, and adults $10.00.  This is always a wonderful meal and time of sharing!