Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Final Test - October 2014

Final Test

If I sit around and do nothing all that happens is I grow older
May I strive to do better things as I become a little bolder

When I feel like a tiny speck in a huge universe may I always remember I have a big God
That steers me around each curve as aimlessly I trod

May I always have enough faith to know that God knows my every need
And sees right into my heart and knows if it’s love or ego I feed

May I always live with hope for my nation and for the world for a better tomorrow
That someday nations will be compassionate instead of inflicting so much sorrow

May I always live with charity in my heart to try to help others
Then graciously accept the support from my sisters and brothers

I am glad that God gave me the grace to say that I don’t know
Sometimes I am baffled what is really right or on what path I should really go

That is when I have to trust that God knows the plan and the way
Learn to lean a little closer to him to get me through the day

May I always feel the presence of Gods’ love and the love from my family and friends
As I travel down my path with it’s many crooks and bends

At the setting sun of life I feel I’ve tried my best
I hope in God’s eyes that he is pleased and I pass my final test

It is not really important how others judge me
God is my final judge and the only one that holds the heavenly key

How the world perceives me won’t matter anymore
My God is the only one that can welcome me through the door

Thanks Be To God    Blanche Fingar 2014