Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Little Light - November 2014

Little Light

Some days people might find a need for this little light of mine
Help me Lord to find different ways to let it shine

I realize some days it has just a dim glow
That is hard to detect as about my day I go

May I always remember to get off my pedestal and place my feet firmly on God's rock
To be thankful for my many blessings as one of God's flock

Sometimes I stray and my light seems to slowly fade
But somehow I always remember the ultimate price that Jesus paid

I pray my love and light will shine like others I know
And I'll carry it with me wherever I go

I don't know exactly how each day will unfold
But if I walk with God he will help me to have courage to be bold

Some days I have just a tiny spark
And my days seem long and dark

Then I turn to God to keep wind in my sails and let me know when to turn to feel the breeze
I am more relaxed and live my day with much more ease

May I live my life so in heaven I won't be a stranger
Praising God here on earth for protecting me from perils and danger

Thank you God that you don't always look for the strongest but for the ones that are willing
That you walk with me If I am overjoyed or healing

Thank you for not giving up on me when I have just a flicker of a spark
That you always let your light shine bright to lead me from the dark
Blanche Fingar 2014