Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

01-21-15 Article

Emmaleigh helps her grandfather Jeff Stempien in his duties as liturgist this month

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Snowy, but warm greetings from BPUMC on these cold winter days. 

Emmaleigh Stempien announced that after half a year of flute lessons she has been asked to join the elementary school band.  Way to go, Emmaleigh!

Bruce Westerdahl gave the message this past week, and Laurie Prinzivalli gave the children's message.  The kids learned how "Jesus water" cleans your heart.  Iodine was placed in a glass of water, representing sin, which stains your skin.  Jesus has no sin, so the water from Jesus takes away our sins and turns the water clear when it is poured into the glass of iodine water.  There is hope for everyone when we fill our heart with Jesus!

Bruce Westerdahl gave a fantastic message as we renewed our baptism as a congregation.  He showed how Peter changed from being brash, impulsive, unkempt, vulgar and arrogant.  Jesus touched his life and today there are over two billion Christians in the world.  He also touched on the athlete Louie Zamperini, a bombardier in WW2, taken prisoner by the Japanese for over two years, and showed how even through his tortured times he came through to connect with Jesus following a Billy Graham crusade. 

Our Williamsburg Dinner is January 31.  Costumes are available for period dress.  Barb Bailey and Chris Wyant are in charge of decorations and John Prinzivalli will have his chef hat on!