Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

03-11-15 Article

District Superintendent Rev. Jeff McDowell gave our message this week.  It centered around trust and belief in God's promises

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
On this Communion Sunday we were graced by District Superintendent Jeff McDowell joining us.  He spoke to us about what it is to be a strong Christian "little Christ", a true believer and a person of faith.  He used the scripture to illustrate how when God spoke to Abram about his future that Abram fell down and laughed.  This year we laugh at this long winter, yet we believe in Spring.  We don't have evidence of Spring at this point, but believe.    The cross is a stumbling block for those that don't believe.  He asked the children where the flowers were under the snow.  In a bulb there will be a flower when the snow melts.  The children have to trust in this. 
Thank you Rev. McDowell for your timely and powerful message. 

Please let Pastor Judy know if you can travel to see the play "Moses" now being performed  in Lancaster at the Sight and Sound theatre.  The date is  April 10, returning on the 11th. Many of us have seen other performances at this theatre, and all have been excellent! 

Easter is April 5th.  Between now and then there are several activities of note.  Each week there are combined Lenten lunch services in which all of the neighboring churches share the services and take turns  contributing aspects of the lunch.  Pastor Judy recently passed out a booklet of daily devotionals for Lent.  This is a certainly a time of preparation in our Christian lives. 

Please join us at our 9:00 services on Sunday.  We are a friendly welcoming church.