Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lord Help Me - March 2015

Lord Help Me

Lord give me eyes to see and a heart to treasure all gifts large or small
And the mentality to realize your love is the greatest of all

Lord give me the patience and faith to know you do things at the appropriate time
That you do things in your wisdom, you don't need my nickel or dime

I know you will never lead me to anything you won't lead me through
Help me to be prayerful,trustful,obedient,forgiving,and a faithful follower in the things I do

God give me the strength and courage to endure the winters of my life's road
And the faith and common sense to lean on you to carry my load

Until the day I can sing for joy and not drown in sorrow
For the promise for all that believe is a brighter tomorrow

I know when you are on our side we have nothing to fear
It is comforting to know your presence is always near

Lord help me not to go around spiritually blind
And have the love and trust for you that tightly bind

God have mercy on a sinner like me
That I might pick up my cross and follow thee

It is possible to become materially rich
And our spiritual journey be a wreck and in the ditch

We can achieve everything on earth and lose our soul
That is one of the saddest stories ever told

May my faith make me whole
And set my eyes on heaven be my goal

May I always feel the touch of my Master's hand
And try to live up to God's word as he commands

Blanche Fingar
March 2015