Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pot of Gold - May 2015

Pot of Gold

Somewhere over the rainbow everyone is searching for their own pot of gold
But I know of a better treasure it's the best story ever told

It is the love that Jesus has for each of us
In hard times we can rely on him if we trust

We can depend on Jesus if we try to obey
Things seem to go a little smoother throughout our day

Sometimes we need to have faith in what we can not see
Put our trust in God and let the situation just be

Live in the hope that everything will be just fine
Even when things do not work out how we pictured it in our mind

Sometimes our burdens seems more than one can bear
If we learn to lean on Jesus he will meet us there

He will make the steps for us when we can't go on alone
He will stand firm with us until we can again cope on our own

All of us enjoy our comforts and treasures in our lives everyday
We all have hobbies and entertainment we enjoy in our own way

I think God wants us to enjoy our own pots of gold
As long as it doesn't consume our lives as a whole

Our lasting pots of gold are the people we love and putting God first
Material things are things that decay, fall apart or burst

When we grow old or in declining health
The things we will treasure most will not be our wealth

So we are already richer because we know God
And we have love, family, friends and a satisfied mind as we return to the sod

Blanche Fingar
May 2015