Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Let Us Celebrate - July 2015

Let Us Celebrate

This Year as we celebrate the 4th Of July
I hope the love for our country and patriotism will be high

Freedom did not come easy a lot of Americans had to die
Just so we could make our own decisions and have a piece of the American Pie

The red, white and blue needs to wave way up into the sky   
We are blessed here in America with so much more than money can buy

We take so much for granted that we hardly take time to sigh
We leave God out, things do not go our way and we wonder why

We can't find time to worship because time really does fly
 When disappointment comes, we fret and cry

Yet because our forefathers paved the way
We have the freedom to worship here today

We still have brave men and women defending us right now
So we can have a choice of computers, medicine, education or a plow

No one dictates what career path we take
Our own decision about religion we are allowed to make

We do not have to ask permission to travel across this vast land
God created America with a special stroke of his hand

America may sometimes seem wounded and have lots of flaws
But it still is the best place to live and has the best laws

America stands strong and still is a beacon of light
The Statue Of Liberty and her torch is a welcoming sight

Lest never take freedom for granted so many have paid the ultimate price
Let us always be thankful for the USA and most of all Jesus Christ

Blanche Fingar 2015