Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

11-11-15 Article

Phil Burdick, Russ Heggie and  Gordon Bascom gave a musical tribute for their wives- Kathy, Cindy, and Jean- our special musicians now in the heavenly band.

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
All Saints Sunday was one of beautiful tributes especially to those from our church who have departed from us this past year.  Pastor Judy told the children about the religious meanings of Halloween, the day prior to All Saints Day. 

Gordon Bascom, Phil Burdick, Russ Heggie and Pastor Judy have all lost spouses who were active with bringing music to our church services.  They gave a beautiful musical tribute, bringing tears to our eyes.

In her sermon, Pastor Judy spoke of her efforts to find her ancestors on a computer based program.  Although this was not always successful, she shared how we are all bound together with the love of God- our friends and ancestors commonly worship one God.

We participated in Holy Communion, and a candle lighting ceremony honoring our saints.  Pastor Babs Steinert and Pastor Judy joined together in this reverent communion service, combining it with the opportunity for each parishioner to light a candle in honor and memory of loved ones.

We wish to thank Pat Knapp for donating the box of apples to be used for our harvest supper pies.

As this article is published, many of us will be heading to Lancaster to Sight and Sound Theatre for the Christmas presentation.  Looking forward to one of Pastor Judy's thoughtfully planned out journeys with church family!

Bible Study is continuing looking at "The meaning of Suffering". 

The advent season will be here soon.  We welcome all to our church family to celebrate this special time of year.