Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Love Came Down At Christmas - 2015

Love Came Down At Christmas
Love came down at Christmas to be with us our whole life through
Love came down at Christmas for me and you

God sent to us his only son
Who was destined before his life begun
To give us eternal life when our earthly days are done

We are here to celebrate with anticipation Jesus Birthday
His birth gives us hope every single day

We know Jesus is with us in trails and temptations we are never alone
He will cradle us in his arms until our fears are gone

I love Christmas and the bright colored lights
The glistening of snow on  wintery nights

The colorful packages under the tree
The glow of Children's faces are wonderful to see

I love the peace and joy Christmas seems to bring
I love the wonderful old songs that carolers sing

I love Jesus and him willing to die for our sins
I love if we are sorry for doing wrong we can make amends

I love Jesus for first loving us
And giving us a eternal home when our bodies turn to dust

I hope Jesus lives everyday in your heart
Carry him with you always as tonight we depart

Merry Christmas

Blanche Fingar 2015