Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

12-16-15 Article

Barbara Bailey, Bruce Westerdahl, Nancy Westerdahl and Joyce Wiedrich were in Gettysburg this past weekend to decorate wreaths for Gettysburg and Quantico National Cemeteries as part of the Sgt Mac Wreath project, and helped decorate the cemetery at Gettysburg in memory of a young marine who died serving his country.

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
We joyously celebrated the second Sunday in Advent.  Pastor Judy used the day to teach the children about the story of the sand dollar.  She broke apart one, to show the children the doves of peace inside.  God is always with us, and shows his presence in so many of his creations.

Babs Steinert joined our church today in transfer of membership. She wanted to join during the remaining time while her long-time friend Judy White-Wunder is still pastor at BPUMC.  We welcome Babs to our fold.

We were graced again today by a beautiful solo by Aimee Perry.  Such musical talent we have in our church.

Next Sunday is Covenant Sunday.  Pastor Judy reflected on her thanks for our wonderful church and members who serve God every day in their good works.  She cited Phil Pearce, who diligently helps as webmaster, with weekly bulletins, keeping the church in pristine shape, and helping her with so many projects.  She also noted Helen Stickney, who quietly sends cards and messages to all for birthdays, illnesses, and other occasions in her work to serve the Lord.  Many give so much, not only in financial contributions, but in giving of themselves to so many church and far-reaching humanitarian causes.

Many will help this week at Penn Yan Christmas at the armory.  This annual program helps give Christmas to many who otherwise might not have food or gifts to share.

Plan to join us at Christmas Eve service, at 7pm, and also at Pastor Judy's last service as our minister on 12/27/15.  She has truly been a servant of the Lord, as our church has grown in numbers, love and spirit during her tenure.  Pastor Sandi Perl will become our pastor on January 1, 2016.