Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Judy's New Adventure - December 2015

Judy's New Adventure

Judy, there is so many things about you that we admire
We love your zest for God and your fire

We love when bad things happen though battered you hold your faith steadfast
You try to live your life day by day not in the past

You have the most contagious smile
Everyone around you is smiling after awhile

You show us how human you are when your temper flares real fast
But we all know be patient it won't last

We see how caring you are when you are speaking to a child
The loving touch you have with them will carry them the extra mile

We feel your love for God and God's people generating into the crowd
Whether you are preaching,singing or praying we feel so thankful and proud

We are thankful when you lead us through the peaks and valleys of our day
You always seem to have just the right words to help us along the way

We love that you are always at all the church functions and are such fun
You are always willing to help get the job done

We are both happy and sad to see you go
You have touched our lives in ways you'll never know

Because we love you we want the very best for you
You deserve the time for other things you want to pursue

But you'll be in the area and will still be our friend
As a different era of your life you can attend

Thank you so much both Judy and Art
We wish you rainbows and happy trails as you depart

Blanche Fingar December 2015