Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

01-13-16 Article

Today saw the beginning of a new year, and also the new beginning for all of us at BPUMC with our new pastor, Rev Sandi Perl, as she prepared to serve communion.  Welcome to you, Sandi!  May this be the beginning of a wonderful ministry with us.
BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Today was Epiphany Sunday.  It marked a time for us to welcome our new pastor and her family with us, and also to reflect on goals for this new year.  Pastor Sandi challenged us to write down a weighty tradition we plan to let go of during this new year, and leave it at the alter.

During children's time, Pastor Sandi explained the meaning of Epiphany.  She introduced herself to the children and asked them why they come to church.  Answers included- to love Jesus, to meet people, to be with friends.  Pastor Sandi told them church was a happy and safe place where Jesus can be among us.

Pastor Sandi told us that she will put "moments of grace" in the Sunday bulletin beginning next week.  This will be a take-home message to think about and act on all week.  For those of you not in church, the bulletin is put on the church web site at:

In Pastor Sandi's sermon, she challenged us to be brave and to be the authority of Jesus here on earth.  She asked us to see where we could lovingly use kindness and joy to spread the words and actions of Jesus.  She explained how we could use this authority in positive ways to see results.

Pastor Sandi introduced her husband Dave and their children to the congregation.  We hope to see Pastor Sandi's family members worshiping with us often, and hope they feel welcomed in our loving church home.

Happy New Year to all from BPUMC.