Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

02-17-16 Article

Stacy and Chris Wyant served special treats on Sunday for Super Bowl Sunday!

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
This week's service was one where Pastor Sandi asked all of us questions that Jesus would have asked his disciples.  One was "Who do you say Jesus is?"   Answers included- "the love of my life", "the living God", "my comforter", "my friend", "our rock", "the great physician".  Jesus had already healed a blind man and fed 4,000 by this time.  When the disciples were asked this questions they initially had much confusion.  Jesus challenged the disciples and all of us to be Jesus. 

We recently had a 5th Sunday where we collected money for The Living Well.  $283.00 was donated to the Living Well from this bucket collection.  Our "Souperbowl collection" brought 242 cans of soup to the Penn Yan food pantry.  Thanks to all who contributed.  These colder days will be great for providing a meal of soup to many. 

Thanks to John Prinzivalli and crew for preparing our recent community lasagna dinner.  It went over well and we served about 100 people.

A reminder that the 2016 Lenten luncheons- fruits of the spirit- begin at noon at the Penn Yan First Baptist Church.  All are welcome. 

Bible Study is starting the topic of "Bad boys of the Bible".  This sounds very interesting.  Bible study is Wednesday at 10:00 am.