Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

05-11-16 Article

Pastor Sandi shows us a sign of what we are all about!
Brunch following the first Sunday of the month church service.
BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Pastor Sandi explained in Paul's writings how he gave us a message of love.  He also gives us a way to get back in the game and apologize when things go wrong.  She commanded us to be that love when we see none and when we find love to return it ten-fold. Love is what we are here for- our greatest and toughest job.  Pastor Sandi handed out individual words from the scripture lessons from 1 Corinthians and from Mark 12 for us to think about, such as the words love, kind, and patience. 

After our service we had an awesome brunch for the first Sunday of the month, a new tradition at church.

Wednesday Bible Study is entertaining "Half Truths" by Adam Hamilton.  Everyone is free to participate at 10am on Wednesdays.

Our congregation supported Yates County Crop Walk.  A good portion of the monies raised stays locally, and some goes to other needs nationally and throughout the world.