Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, February 28, 2021

06-08-16 Article

Our church kids put flags around the memorial cross at church on Memorial Sunday.

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
We had a beautiful Memorial Day and musical Sunday over the Memorial holiday.  We have so much musical talent and spirit in our little country church!  The Men's Choir, our Adult Choir and several instrumental and vocal numbers highlighted the service.  One number celebrated Bruce and Nancy Westerdahl's 63rd wedding anniversary, and another was in memory of Ruth Drumm's mother.  Snacks following church included a beautiful cake frosted in red, white and blue, commemorating the holiday. 

The lesson from Pastor Sandi this week centers on forgiveness.  Homework consists of breaking a branch off of a shrub or tree each day, reflecting on something you are sorry for.  We then are to place the twigs in water and look for green shoots of growth, showing that forgiveness offers new growth. 

On June 5th we celebrated paying off the new addition of the church, and also had the first Sunday of the month brunch following the church service.  The addition has been a Godsend, providing a first floor bathroom, nursery and center gathering area.

Summer weather is upon us, and kids soon will be out of school.  Later this month we will celebrate  those graduating from kindergarten, grade school, high school and college.  Please let Pastor Sandi know if you have family members graduating from any of these categories so they can be recognized.