Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

06-29-16 Article

Our choir has recessed for the summer months; if you can help individually or in a small group by adding to the music in our service during this time, please let Aimee Perry know.

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
June is the month that Trish DeMontfort is leading us to collects rolls of paper towels to be donated to The Living Well.  The children and she are building a tower with the rolls we donate until we take them to the Living Well in July.  Each month our donations are around a different theme or item.  Thanks Trish for thinking of this community need, and for your creativity!

Our choir is taking a break during the summer months.  See Aimee Perry if you can help in any way with musicality during these summer months at our church services. 

Pastor Sandi has lists of times and dates to sign up to join her on her porch at her home.  People can sign up to meet with her on selected times this summer to discuss their ideas for our BPUMC, as well as for Pastor Sandi to get to know everyone better, since she has been our pastor for just six months now! Please remember to sign up for this opportunity!

Stay safe and enjoy this summer weather!  Our church is always open and welcome for visitors.  Our services continue at the regular time at 9:00 am through the summer.