Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

America Needs Prayers - July 2016

America Needs Prayers 2016

Today as we once again celebrate the Forth Of July
Prayers and guidance for our country is at an all time high

We need to ask God for wisdom to get us on the right track
With common sense, good morals, accountability, we want them all back

We need to honor and respect our flag
Some treat it like
  it's no more than an old rag

If someone comes to America and doesn't love her leave
Don't be allowed to spread hatred, lies and try to deceive         

Because our forefathers paved the way
We have the freedom to worship here today

We have so very much that we take for granted that we should be thankful for
We have bodies maimed and lives changed forever because of war

Yet unless it affects us personally our lives go on pretty much the same way
Living our busy lives day by day

America is still the greatest country on earth
We just need a spiritual rebirth

We have the freedom to fly our flag unfurled
We hold high standards for the rest of the world

We celebrate with ice cream, hotdogs and apple pie
And beautiful fireworks that light up the sky

Let's look to Old Glory as it sways in the wind
And be thankful for the message of freedom she sends

America is a land of such beauty made up of sky and sod
We are bestowed with such beauty and we call her maker God

We have mountains, valleys, streams and hills that form a creast
We have fields, forest and coastlines that stretch from east to west

We have ships in our harbors and freighters in our bays
We have the freedom to live and work anywhere we may

We have railroads across the country and airplanes to scan our skies
We have love and pride for our nation that binds us with our ties

May we always have pride and love for the red, white and blue
So much has been sacrificed for me and you

We have brave men and women serving in the Armed Forces today
Protecting us so we can continue to live the American way

We are so blessed to be free to worship here today
And by the grace of God to be born in the USA
Blanche Fingar