Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

07-27-16 Article

Harper Perry shows off her car that she made for "outdoor drive-in movie night" at BPUMC on Friday. 

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
The first drive-in movie night at BPUMC was Friday July 22.  We enjoy family fun nights here at BPUMC!

Put the date of August 7th on your calendar.  Time and place will be printed as it is known!

Music Sunday is July 31.  Let Aimee Perry know by next Sunday if you wish to participate with a musical number.

Pastor Sandi continued with her informational and historical segment on John Wesley, with his development of the Methodist Church.  At one time there were 40,000 United Methodist Churches in the United States.  John Wesley was home schooled as a young lad in England, by his mother.  His relationship with his mother helped to formulate his relationship with God. John later became a missionary to prove his worth to God.  He came to Savannah, Georgia, to bring Christianity to the native Americans where he met with both personal strife and struggles with acceptance of his teachings.  At one time he was even jailed.  We await Pastor Sandi's next chapter which will show later acceptance and birth of the Methodist Church.  She also welcomed us this week to discover what is holiness, and reflect on how will we act and pray upon it.

We welcome all to our services at BPUMC.  More information is also on our website  or our Facebook page.