Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

12-14-16 Article

Ernie Pinneo helps Pastor Sandi light the second candle of Advent

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
This past Sunday we celebrated communion and the second Sunday in Advent.  Ernie Pinneo was chosen to light the second candle.  We are planning a celebration for Ernie, a lifelong member of BPUMC, as he celebrates his 95th birthday.

We also celebrated Pastor Sandi's birthday, which was this past week.  (It was a monumental year!) and had a special cake during our first Sunday brunch.

Mark your calendars for Christmas Eve service at 7:00pm 12/24.  Christmas is on Sunday this year, and we will have church at 9:00am on Christmas Day.

Bruce and Nancy Westerdahl, Barb Bailey, and Joyce Wiedrich recently returned from several days in Gettysburg, where they decorated wreaths for Quantico and Gettysburg National Military Cemeteries, for the Sgt Mac memorial wreath project.  Bruce and Nancy grew up in the Gettysburg area, and this annual event has become a family tradition for them.

Several from our church went to Corning this past Saturday for breakfast with Santa.  The kids were able to make a seasonal ornament there, as well.

Pastor Sandi spent much time during the Children's time explaining to them some of the events in the time frame leading up to the birth of Jesus, as they examined the nativity figurines.

Trish DeMontfort always keeps us in step with collections for The Living Well.  The collection of toilet paper for the toilet paper tree continues to grow!

Please join us as we celebrate the events leading to Christmas.  The service on Sunday's is at 9:00 am.  Further details of events can be found on our website at: