Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 16, 2021

02-22-17 Article

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Pastor Sandi used teachings of John the Baptist, showing that initially he had a little bit of doubt about Jesus, but did then accept him as the Messiah.  We are in good company with John the Baptist.  There was a lot of conflict out there, as we see today in television and the Internet.  We have to work twice as hard to be more than the world expects.  Pastor Sandi asked us- do we freely have conversations about Jesus?  Do we pray with our family, and know what to do? 

Thank you to everyone who helped at the lasagna dinner.  Our next sharing meal together will be on "Fat Tuesday" February 28th pancake supper, as we prepare for the season of Lent.  Bring your family and join us.  We are also planning a baked potato dinner at church on March 11th.  The church provides the potatoes and asks people to bring a topping to share.  Much fun!

The weather has been so variable this winter!  Be careful as you come and go.  One thing we know, Spring will be here soon, and our snowbirds will return!