Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lenten Season - 2017

Lenten Season
As we enter into the Lenten Season we need to  search into our hearts for how we really are
And how we have lived our lives so far

We think of things we can give up and fast
A lot of times we set ourselves up for things that does not last

Maybe we could fast from selfishness and be more compassionate of others
Realizing we are more alike than different from our other sisters and brothers

Or we could fast from grudges and be reconciled
Being willing if need be to walk the extra mile

We could fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude
Or our many blessings we might exclude

We could fast from words and be silent to hear others concerns
From others perspectives we can also learn

We could fast from pessimism and be filled with hope
Asking god to help us with ways to cope

We could fast from pressures and be prayerful not to yield
Doing what we know in our hearts is right and let it be our shield

May we fast from bitterness and fill our hearts with joy
Looking on the brighter side can be our ploy

We could fast from anger and be filled with patience to understand
Remembering to love one another as God commands

Maybe we can fast from complaints and contemplate a better way
To solve the problem and make things okay

We could fast from hurting words and be kind
Building a better bond that tightly binds

We could all fast for more patience and love
I am sure it would be pleasing to God from above

Blanche Fingar 2017