Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Senses - July 2015


Always pray to have eyes that see the best
Stop judging people and putting their intentions to the test

Ears that are willing to hear even when we don't agree
Maybe there is a different side for us to see

A nose to smell the roses and take the time to rest
The small moments in life are the best

Our feet that will always take steps down the right path
Doing the right thing never worrying about someones wrath

Our hands that lovingly toils for our family and others
Caring deeply for all races of our sisters and brothers

Fingers that are never pointed at someone out of spite
Just because we don't think their decision is right

A heart that forgives when people wrong us and just let it be
That is the only way we can really be free

A mind that forgets the bad and dwells on the good
And learn to lean on God as we really should

A soul that never loses faith as we prepare for our heavenly home
And try to be kind as on this earth we roam

Taste the mist of a sea breeze
Feel the wind blowing gently in the trees

Hear the birds as they sing a song
See a rabbit just hopping along

Touch the hearts of people you know
Try to keep a sense of humor wherever you go

When God created each of us he didn't leave anything out
So we need to appreciate our own gifts that's what we are about

May each of us find joy in the present moment without trying to change a thing
That's when we can appreciate the calmness it will bring

May each of us find peace and contentment that comes from being rooted in God
That is the most we can hope for before we return to the sod

Blanche Fingar
July 2015