Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Diverse Nation - 2016

Diverse Nation

Black, white, red brown, tan, we are the American Nation
We are a diverse people and the luckiest in all of Gods' creation

Our ancestors came from all over the world
For a better life for themselves and for their own boy or girl

They wanted to be free to make their own choice for their life
Free to decide what is best without turmoil or strife

They settled into new life and brought with them a trade
Their talents were used by others either by barter or money a deal was made

We have farmers, ranchers, factory workers, lawyers, bankers, mechanics or a nurse
We have people with all types of careers that makes us diverse

With the Declaration Of Independence a new nation was born
And a free democracy was formed

Slowly we grew into the great nation we are today
We are not persecuted for our religion or what we say

Now we have have people coming to America not for love but to hate
We need to have alert eyes and ears before it is too late

Some people hate us because we are strong and fair
They want us to live in bondage and despair

It is sad and a shame  that we are faced with terrorist alerts
We have people working full time to find plots and try to divert

There are times when we can't always be politically correct
Trying to never offend anyone can cause America a train wreck

We live in different times and need prayers more than ever before
We seem to always have someone that wants to cause harm knocking at our door

Our children face a future with things we never heard about
They are forced to live in a world of suspicion and doubt

All I know is it is time to turn to God for our every need
He is the ultimate one that will always succeed

People can create corruption and sin
But every time God will always win

Blanche Fingar 2016