Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

06-21-17 Article

Thirteen BPUMC church ladies made 33 dresses to be sent to Haiti for little girls to enjoy.  We had so much fun working together on this project!

BPUMC Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Thanks to Deb Smith for organizing our "Sewing Dresses for Haiti" evangelistic project.  Our three hour session went by so quickly!  We are planning to make more of these dresses on 9/16/17 at church.  We not only need people to bring their sewing machines for stitching, but also need some people to do simple finishing, to make pockets and cut out the fabric for each dress, and for quality control.  Mark your calendars!  We were reminded that each dress may be the only dress that each recipient will have.  We are so blessed in this nation with such abundance.

Thank you to Dana, Sarah and Chris for recent landscaping efforts at church.  The grounds and flowers are lovely!

Our recent Heifer project netted 8 bee hives and 14 flocks of chicks to be sent for self sustainment to under served areas.  That is a lot of bees and chickens! 

We are proud of our students!  Emmaleigh Stempien recently got a 6th grade band award.  Hayley Anderson received 8th grade achievement awards.  We will be celebrating Ryan Anderson's high school graduation.  He recently received seven graduate scholarship awards from PYA.  Ryan will be attending FLCC in the fall.  Way to go, students! 

We are taking pictures during this month for our church directory, since the last one we created
was 9 years ago.  Come prepared for a family/individual picture if you have not already had yours taken for the directory.

Pastor Sandi's message this past
Sunday was based on Psalm 100, as we celebrated the love for Jesus.  She gave out fancy straws with twizzle skirts on them that we could wave to show our enthusiasm for Jesus- "It is he that made me and I am his!"

Our summer-like sunny weather has finally returned.  Enjoy the family picnics and many celebrations, and stay safe, as we spend more time enjoying the outdoors.