Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

02-28-18 Article

Sarah Stackhouse reads scripture from John 11, of which our lesson was based on today.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
So nice the weather has been a bit warmer. Looking forward to spring and the return of so many of our snowbirds. 

The lesson Pastor Sandi gave today was based on the scripture of John 11, the death of Lazarus. With recent news of more school shootings, this scripture had so many connections to life today.  Lazarus' family was upset, saying if Jesus was there, that Lazarus would not have died.  Things happen then, as in today, that were not part of Jesus' plan.  Pastor Sandi related some sad incidents which have occurred during our lifetimes, and showed how Jesus weeps at the sadness of events that were not in his control. 

There are many community activities in our area during the Lenten season, including the Thursday noon lunches at the First Baptist Church, always with an interesting program and reflection.

We are still collecting sanitizer for the schools during this long flu season, which hopefully is coming to an end soon.  

Many enjoyed the recent production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr" featuring our own Emmaleigh Stempien.  Great job, Emmaleigh!