Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, February 28, 2021

04-04-18 Article

Joyce Wiedrich tells the story of Dorcas, the seamstress, to the children on Palm Sunday.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
Pastor Sandi reflected today on the conflicting nature of this Holy Week- and the journey of today until Easter, in our Palm Sunday service- first we have a parade of palms, a party.  Jesus knew what was going to happen, for all of us. as did several of the disciples, where others were in denial.  Pontius Pilot crucified Jesus, the King of the Jews, as he watched Jesus mother see her son on the cross. 

We prepared for our  Holy Week "spy" Wednesday service at church, readings from John, and visiting the stations of the Cross, and Easter 6:40 sunrise service on the lake, with regular church service at 9:00am. Many services during the weekdays  were held at numerous churches for all to have the opportunity to attend.

Ron Miller led the choir in a wonderful Palm Sunday anthem, "On that Day When He Rode into Jerusalem".  What a powerful message, and so beautiful!

Joyce Wiedrich rounded out the service telling the story of Dorcas, the seamstress, based on a passage from the book of Acts.  Dorcas sewed for the poor and the widows, in her town of Joppa.  During her life she had a communication from Jesus, asking her what she had in her hand (a needle).  When she died at a young age, she was mourned by her church and community.  The villagers summoned Peter, who put his hands on her, telling her to rise, and she was resurrected back to life- a good story for Easter week.

Remember to let Pastor Sandi know if you wish to participate in the Woman's Retreat at Cobblestone Springs from 9:00- 11:30am on Saturday April 7th.  Cost is $5.00.