Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 21, 2021

04-18-18 Article

Today we celebrated a special birthday for Helen Stickney,  with many of her family coming from near and far to participate.

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Today we celebrated special birthdays for Ron Miller and Helen Stickney.  Many of Helen's family were present to enjoy the service, filled with many of her favorite hymns. 

Bruce Westerdahl wowed us with a presentation of "Doubting Thomas", complete in costume, based on the scripture of John 20: 19-31.  He explained how Jesus had come through locked doors to be with several of the disciples after his resurrection.  Thomas was not there at the time, but when he heard the story, he did not believe it because he did not see it.  This brings up the question of whether we have to see to believe.  Until Thomas could see the holes in Jesus's hands, and feel the spear marks on his side he was unwilling to believe.  He is not the only person who doubted Jesus.

Pastor Sandi continued this theme in her message, telling how we become more cynical as we get older. We believe in our electronics, money, angels, the iCloud, and so much around us, much that we can not see.  We all have life experiences, but need to believe in the power of Jesus.  The message ended  with the thought:  Blessed are those who have not seen, but believe.

Thank you to Doug Westerdahl who donated a wheelchair from Monroe Wheelchair.  This will be handy in cases where someone may need special assistance getting to or from the sanctuary.

Next Tuesday 4/17 is a pass dish supper to celebrate tax day.  People are requested to bring a baby picture for others to guess, and a dish to pass.

We received a nice thank you from Pet Partners.  We have been bringing in pet food to support this program which helps people who need some help providing food for their pets.