Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

05-09-18 Article

Our young ladies sang a sweet duet as part of our musical Sunday.  Thank you Miley and Cady!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich
The 5th Sunday of every month that has five Sundays is always a Sunday that we celebrate music in our church.  Any group or individual is encouraged to participate, with instrument or in song.  Ron Miller does an excellent job of coordinating and joining in with this event, so contact him if you are interested in future participation.

This month, we had participation from Harrison Fitch, as he played a violin solo, Miley Anderson and Cady Bradey, with a beautiful duet, our Adult Choir, who gained several new singers for the event, and our Men's Choir.  Thank you to all who participated to provide us with a gorgeous service of song!

We had 8 more snowbirds return on 4/29 to Sunday service, despite the fact that we had snow flurries that day that stuck to the ground.  (We would not want them to be lonely for a bit of Upstate NY snow!)  Now it looks like the weather has turned so we can be out working in our yards and vineyards again.

Please come and join us, Sundays at 9am.  Visitors always welcome!